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Zhao Kuangyin Trinidad send Beijing Niang "via Wuan story in folklore probably has a history of several hundred years, the story in the" men ", the author of the Ming Dynasty writer and dramatist Feng Menglong.
The Song Dynasty emperor Zhao Kuangyin, Zhao Jingniang of the dead woman be strangers to each other sincerely to lend a helping hand, a thousand miles long, a road and one another, and a perfect diet. The more it upright and strong interference, Zhao Kuangyin with Wu Yi, safely Beijing Niang sent from Shanxi to home in Hubei...... Do not plan any personal gain, is really a hero! Perhaps it is this noble character, so that he can break the world Kyushu rash and too much in haste, condensed hero made him emperor!

Detailed introduction
Taiyuan Jinci and the Imperial Palace in Beijing, Confucian Temple in Qufu, and said Chinese three ancient buildings. Jinci has Cooper in five generation of dense, large-scale. In the next Jinci there is a small temple called clear view, view the LORD called Zhao Jingqing, although not like that Taoist temple in gender issues about the sacred rules of the religious order heard bursts of Taoist temple, but depressed and desperate young woman cry, but always make people feel strange. Is this the waves of crying makes a hero, he is a bar with all over the world, leaving a "Taizu Changquan", a song he later Song Taizu Zhao Kuangyin foundation.
One day morning, swim around the house view over the garden rockery, suddenly heard a woman in the corner of the garden cangjingge crying sound, are to see what his uncle came in a hurry, waving not approach, Qiao quietly told him in court confinement a stunning young girl, is composed of two the robbers took, because two of the robbers to take this woman as his wife, several rounds of fighting, so Zhao Jingqing stress, end neither in victory nor defeat, put this woman in charge of sending cangjingge, when two people come up with a proper solution. Under Zhao Kuangyin, lawless hate bandit, and not ashamed of his uncle in his stride to the court before allowing no explanation, and a twist locks, push the door into the. To huddle in the corner of the beibeiqieqie, crying woman, Zhao Kuangyin word comfort, know this woman sixteen years of age, and his clan, called Zhao Jingniang, who lived in what is now the Shanxi Puzhou Town, Yongji county. Jing Niang to Kuang Yin cried: "I'm afraid the robbers came for a while, then only to die, to protect the innocent." Zhao Kuangyin big chivalrous, speak for Zhao Jingniang escorted back to hometown. Zhao Kuangyin pulled the cangjingge destroyed some shelves, told uncle: "if the robber came to cable, said Zhao Dalang Luoyang to go." At that time Zhao Dalang's name, famous brand is also considered in the political arena.
Taiyuan is in the middle of Shanxi Province in the southwest of Shanxi Province, Puzhou angle, starting from Taiyuan. After the first arrived in the Yellow River, then you crossed through Yuci, Dongyang, Pingyao, Lingshi, Hongdong, Linfen, Quwo, Yuncheng, Ruicheng, at least one thousand and five hundred Puzhou Road, when the traffic inconvenience, mountains and rivers, Zhao Kuangyin as Huhuashizhe, thousands of miles of single ride, escorting a coy young beauty. What strange and eccentric things could happen.
First in Lingshi, a horse thief to fight the idea, Zhao Kuangyin's horse called kylin horse, Zhao Kuangyin still a teenager, Zhao Kuangyin heard someone hero, a horse "evil horse", that is never dare to ride, if Zhao Kuangyin has the courage, Zhao Kuangyin replied: "no horse, how should people!" The horse across the body, immediately jump up and down, firmly riding on it, the horse suddenly toward the nearby woods running too fast, Zhao Kuangyin hit out two meters far away in the trees, everyone thought he was dead, after a minute, Zhao Kuangyin woke up and saw that the horse was still beside it this horse is flying up, he tamed, became his horse horse kylin. The horse, the horse thief is unusual near kicking and biting a neighing, turning into Zhao Kuangyin, sprang out of the window, a punch on the end of the thief's life. To avoid trouble, two people fled overnight. Zhao Kuangyin, Miss Su greed drive distance station, along the line, is a desert place, finally came to a small village, only five or six people, but the door is closed, no sound. Only one in front of a standing body with filial piety woman, is also preparing to go out the door. Zhao Kuangyin went up to the lodge was rejected, women away, Zhao Kuangyin can't handle that many, with Zhao Jingniang over the wall into the room, I thought to stay the night, and two day the woman came back I was gone. Get a look, I saw three little cottage parked in a coffin, for Gao hung white mantle, lit candles, placed a lot of fish and vegetables, Zhao Kuangyin seemed to remember the woman leave that today is the day of her dead husband huisha. Zhao Jingniang Zhao Kuangyin can be a little afraid, no matter, big way: "my stomach is hungry, is ready to eat dinner." Zhao Jingniang Zhao Kuangyin in the sense of pride, he followed a hungrily eat, after eating fell down to sleep. At midnight, in the candle lights turned green, will gradually lower down, full of funereal, the coffin seems to have burst pupu sound, then someone like a deep sigh, you sound fine, a whirlwind rushed into the house, although Zhao Kuangyin is bold, also can not help hair stand on end, Zhao Jingniang is flower face pale, a stick in the hands of the Zhao Kuangyin, ran to the door, I looked out, can not help but wonder ten! The original coffin stopped two big cock, are there on the table to get food, but they see and chicken are very similar, but the body feathers are several times larger, gray ink color, long neck, eyes round sharp beak tip, tibia and claw shape extremely brave. The one on the top of the comb like clusters will be up, one is the right of the light, Kuang Yin way: "these two things is probably the evil god." Mind made up, put the body when standing, let go of thunderbolt throat, loudly shout: "good! I'm here to stay, but I should come to borrow, quickly stepped forward to lead to death." A rod head split off. With a burst of drink, Zhao Kuangyin head of the sun will appear, God knows that he is a great source, want to escape by his sunshine coverUnexpectedly obediently killed by Zhao Kuangyin. Zhao Jingniang had never seen such a thing, don't stay for second days, the villagers saw back, killed the evil god, Zhao Kuangyin two people finding that two people ride to go in the direction of worship.
Once again drove an old head, overnight, in a temple in a late night more feel hanqixiren, two people on a pile of firewood sat silently, Zhao Jingniang flashed, cheeks are red hot, Zhao Jingniang Zhao Kuangyin Ren wind act is grateful, and to the long run it is a long time with love, this breath is in ecstasies but she saw Zhao Kuangyin, sat a healthy look, a few times about to speak, but saying nothing.
  Finally came to the small village of Puzhou Xiang, Zhao Jingniang's parents are overjoyed, see gallant Zhao Kuangyin, saw her daughter's face, hospitality, offered to their daughter to him. Zhao Kuangyin said: "I still wandering alone at home." A heart of Zhao Jingniang declined, when Zhao Kuangyin said farewell to travel, Zhao Jingniang crying on the ground, a piece of her heart broken, with kylin horses gradually far away gradually. Zhao Jingniang knew that it was impossible to encounter such a person like Zhao Kuangyin, it is doomed to their own helplessness. A poem said: pay day in Confidante, humiliated by person bully; tonight a dead Xie childe, sweeping the world to know each other. (Zhao Jingniang Zhao Kuangyin in the last day to save her local lake for suicide, which is now the Beijing Niang Lake area)
Zhao Kuangyin was on the road to a Buddhist temple Lodge, is actually the temple Abbot monk to him to come, took him in, when leaving, the old monk gave Zhao Kuangyin a riddle:
Guo Naian, Li Zhou Shixian,
Two is, sac wood should be prophecy.
Kuang Yin Jing Niang so farewell, go north to Guo Wei (later emperor). Then he made the emperor, the later.
Zhao Kuangyin ascended the throne after shennian Beijing Niang saved Beijing Niang sigh of chastity, and harm Beijing Niang, they built her a temple "Mrs. Zhen Yi". Also will have today's chaste righteousness island and childe peak. A send, love outstanding. The story is still in the landscape, in history, people in between you and me. Check.