jing niang Lake is located in the northwest of Wuan, about 60 km away from Handan. Song Taizu, because the thousands of miles to send the story of the mother in this area in the vicinity of the, so the name. Jing Niang lake called the Koushang reservoir, located in the Northwest Mountainous Area of Wuan city in the north of the village, 30 kilometers from Wuan City, with an excuse which now opened a color mountains tourist scenic spot and summer resort.

Jing Niang lake was built from 1966 to 1969, the maximum water surface of 2500 acres, the reservoir capacity of 32 million cubic meters. The lake was inverted "man" font, points two things. East branch often Shechuan front, West Branch of Sichuan front doorway, each with 3 kilometers long. Here, the peaks show, layer upon layer of peaks and knolls rippling lake, wooded, with famous monuments and myths and legends, has formed the Beijing Niang Lake tourist area of a quality suggestive of poetry or painting.
Sichuan Valley scenery features. Some artificial, majestic, by nature Art beats nature.; true to life; some in different poses and with different expressions, fairy tales and historical stories of integration, given the situation in the scene, make people moved by sight. According to historical records of Zhao Kuangyin's anecdotes. Among them, Zhao Kuangyin thousand miles to send Beijing Niang took place here.
Beijing Lake mother for water on the tour area, Zhen Yi Island Resort and leisure resort, pier three regions. Including the Beijing Niang Lake Scenic Area: Pinghu gorge, fairy gorge, song Zuxia, Beijing Niang gorge, angry lion head, turtle probe, eagle, a grain of millet goddess Tun homes stacked bridge drama month unexpectedly show hump, makeup send Chi Gu Yun Han Tan grudge, floating rock cotton, Qingfeng rock 18 King peacock tripitaka.